Graphene broadband simulation - question about recommended mesh size



Based on the new feature of LUMERICAL 2015b, we can model the graphene as a 2D material. I applied the same steps as in this video:
I know I can use larger mesh steps now. However, I don’t know how large can the solver tolerate to get reliable results (Correct mode, for example).


That’s a difficult question to answer. The required mesh size will depend on many factors, including the operating wavelength, the type of device, and the desired level of accuracy.

As with all simulations, it is helpful to use a large mesh (such as what is generated with the automatic meshing algorithm with a mesh accuracy setting of 1 or 2) for your initial simulations. Then, once you get the basic simulation setup properly, you can begin to make the mesh smaller and smaller. For graphene in particular, it is most important to make the mesh small in the direction normal to the plane, as shown in the following screenshot where the graphene is in the XY plane.

Possible Divergence due to Light Source