Graded plot


I am running a parametric sweep and I got the attached plot. The results are reasonable but as you can see the variation is graded. I was waiting to have a smooth variation.

I was using override mesh of 5 nm and the value of the parameter increase by 5 nm for each sweep.

I am wondering is it normal to see this kind of graded plot or I have a problem related to the mesh size or something else?

sweep variation

Hello @ammas2,

It looks like this is because each row in the plot is the result spectrum from one step of the parameter sweep. The measured spectrum changes significantly between each step, so the plot is not smooth. If you decrease the step size in the parameter sweep (to 2.5 nm, or even lower) then the plot should appear smoother.

Hi Kyohnson,

Thank you for your reply, but does it have any relation to the mesh size or just depend on the parameter step?


If you are using conformal meshing, a change in the parameter smaller than the mesh size should still result in a change in your results. However, it is generally best to have a mesh size that is smaller than the resolution you require, so I would recommend that you use a mesh size smaller than the parameter step size.

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