Getting miscellaneous result with nested parameter sweep?

I am trying to perform a very basic nested sweep operation. I download the file sweep_nested_example.fsp (843.9 KB) from lumerical knowledge base.It should give me a result like this:

but after performing the simulation I get result like this:

I don’t understand why this type of result?

Dear @1205067.ass

I just downloaded and ran the simulation file. Then I used this script in this link to plot the results:

If I used a finer sweep, results will be even more similar to the first image in your post. I am not quite sure why you are getting those results. Have you modified your simulation file after download? What version of the software are you using?


Thank you for your consideration.Sorry for late reply.No I didn’t modify the simulation at all. I also downloaded and run it, but I got that peculiar result.I use 2015a version

Can you please install the latest version of the software from here:

Keep me updated if you still had any problem.


Sorry for the delay.Thank you very much.I get the right result using the latest version of Lumerical.

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Dear @1205067.ass

I am glad to hear that your problem is resolved.