Get data of already run simulations with Matlab


I have a simulation file in FDTD, and I launched a parameter-sweep in Lumerical.

But unfortunately I set the sweep-recording for the wrong monitor. I started the sweep without realizing it…

The parameter I want to record is in another monitor. I can access it manually by opening each file one by one, in the generated Sweep folder.

Is there a way to get the result of this parameter in a automated way, using Matlab interoperability ?
(the sweep simulations were quite time expensive, I would like to avoid launching the parameter-sweep again…)

Thank you very much !

Hi @tapajyoti.dasgupta,

Thanks for posting your question and our apologies for the delay! Actually, if you simply need to load data from another monitor, already present in the simulation, there is no need to rerun the simulations or even use the interoperability: you can simply add to the existing sweep the result you would like to extract from the simulations, and then right-click on the sweep and select “load from files”. This will load the results from each simulations.

I hope this will help!