Generating valid STL files for import



The STL import feature in FDTD Solutions, MODE Solutions, and DEVICE allows import of 3D structures from the STL CAD file format. However, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind when generating STL data for importing:

  1. Only 1 object can be included in the STL file at a time. If multiple objects need to be imported, you can save them to separate STL files and import each object individually.

  2. Surfaces of the structure can’t overlap. There is typically a merge function in the CAD software which will allow you to merge the faces of the structure to get rid of overlapping surfaces.

  3. The surface which is defined must be a fully enclosed surface to form a solid object.

There are some additional tips on the KB page here:

유효한 STL 파일을 불러들이는 방법
Rhombic dodecahedron
There is error to import STL file format
Error for importing STL file format