Generating absorption, scattering and extinction spectra



As part of our research, we are investigating the effectiveness of utilizing nanopillars and back contacts (of different optoelectronic materials and parameters) in improving short circuit current and efficiency of a Si solar cell.

We want to obtain the absorption, scattering and extinction spectra for each of the following - the nanopillars, the substrate and the back contact.

How do we achieve this?


The Knowledge Base has many examples of different types of solar cells and the methodology to simulate them. There is actually one example of a pillar silicon solar cell that would be relevant for your particular application as it includes a discussion of the optical and electrical simulations. Another good example is the plasmonic solar cell formed by a silicon substrate with nanoparticles on top; the example shows how to calculate the power absorbed by silicon with and without nanoparticles.

I think these examples would be a good starting point for your simulations.