GDS export

I am using the GDS export to include my simulated components in my layout. The layers are currently only defined through their layer number. Is there any chance to include the Datatype of the layer with the export?

Thanks for the support!

Hi @hanna.becker

Can you please elaborate more on what you mean by Datatype of the layer? and I am guessing that you are using the new scrip file to export your GDS file:

New Video: How to Export Your Component Design to GDSII

Hi @bkhanaliloo,
yes I am working with the new script file to export to GDS and find it very helpful.

Objects contained in a GDSII file are grouped by assigning numeric attributes to them including a “layer number”, “datatype” or “texttype”. While these attributes were designed to correspond to the “layers of material” used in manufacturing an integrated circuit, their meaning rapidly became more abstract to reflect the way that the physical layout is designed […]

In the script I can define the “layer number” for the exported structure, but have not foudn a way to include “datatype”. Right now I manually adjust the layers aftersward in a GDS editor or my layout tool. So I am wondering if I could save that intermediate step and include the “datatype” somehow already when exporting the gds.
Thanks for the support.

Hi @hanna.becker

Thank you very much for the clarification.

Unfortunately this is not supported in the current GDS export files. GDS_auto_export.lsf uses gds script command in which only the layer number is supported:

I think this is a good feature to have. If you are interested to see it implemented please submit your idea in our idea exchange portal, and our team will be glad to assess it.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll submit it in the idea exchange portal.

Hello, I am encountering problem with export my fdtd file to gds as well. I used the .zip file and have successfully export the example file into a gds. But when I switch to using my own file, it shows the error

Error: Lumerical_GDS_auto_export.lsfx line 507: n_circle is not a valid function or variable name

if I take out the option step 3 in the process of defining the number of points for each object, but if I leave the varaibles in n_ring=64, it shows the error:

Error: Lumerical_GDS_auto_export.lsfx line 357: in getnamed, the requested object number is out of range
Error: In function get_object_info called from: Lumerical_GDS_auto_export.lsfx line 414
Error: In function make_object called from: Lumerical_GDS_auto_export.lsfx line 433
Error: In function add_to_database called from: Lumerical_GDS_auto_export.lsfx line 480

How do I fix this? Please see attached for the file.3D_SMF_edge_coupler__export.fsp (280.4 KB)

When running the directional_coupler example file from the .zip. The script is able to run, and shows the message" GDS_auto_export;", but it does not show any detected layer and the outputted GDS file is empty. I am sure the z span is correct, as I entered layer_def = [1, 0.11, 0.22e-6]; as of the example video. Why is this?

Hello @nl33,

I do not believe that the lay def you used is correct.

Furthermore the updated GDS export script use z-min and and z-max.