GDS export script for custom object

I need help on using the “GDS_auto_export.lsf” for a custom object. I am able to run the script successfully on rectangle and circle objects, however, when running it for a custom object I get this error:

Detected: “::model::custom”, Layer = 1:0
Error: prompt line 1: syntax error
Error: Lumerical_GDS_auto_export.lsfx line 293: arguments of / are not the same type or of an invalid type
Error: In function build_cell called from: Lumerical_GDS_auto_export.lsfx line 507

Hi @sudharsanan.sriniva,

Could you post your simulation files and the scripts you are using for GDS export?


GDS_auto_export.lsf (3.3 KB) Lumerical_GDS_auto_export.lsfx (26.5 KB) mmi_parabolic.lms (272.4 KB)

The error is due to the fact that you are using ** for the exponent in your custom object equation. This is valid for Lumerical’s equation interpreter, but apparently it doesn’t work for this GDS export script. if you change it to ^ the script should run without an error.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Johnson!

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