Free carrier absorption script interested



As we studying the doped wave-guide would having higher propagation loss,
bridge DEVICE and MODE solution could easy to verify the issue.

But I am interested in the conversion script how to extract p,n raw data and use import (n,k) material to simulate.

Is there any information/reference about the example script could help me to go through?
(for example, extractDeltaCharge_cdc.lsf could find on KB ?)


Hi. You will probably find this example helpful: This example I believe does what you are asking for,

You will notice that the “charge monitor” can be used to capture the n, p data from a CHARGE simulation. The monitor can also be made to save the data in a .mat file. [quote=“B9802120, post:1, topic:3121”]
and use import (n,k) material to simulate

The FDTD file in this example uses the import n, k material. Using structure groups it loads this n, p data from the .mat file, interpolates the data (from the finite-element grid) to the rectangular grid of FDTD, and then calculates the perturbation to index due to the charge before creating the n, k materials.