focusing /Hyperbolmetamaterials

Si NP hmm.fsp (267.0 KB)
3D IR metamaterials.pdf (807.1 KB)

I am replicating Si pillars Hyperbolic metamaterials for focusing.

in the attached paper, it is mentioned the source is at 1.24 TH.
when i make the frequency 1.24 THz, the time signal looks weird, and i can not run my simulation.

2-Also, regarding the focusing distance in the Guassian source, Beam options tab.

i do not know how to choose the focusing distance, in the paper they mentioned 0.2 mm , so is the focusing distance in the beam options tab calculated from the source position.


Hey, just quickly looking at the attached image of the frequency/wavelength setup for your source, I don’t think the FDTD simulation time is set long enough. It looks like it is set to 1ps, but it should probably be 10-20ps or greater. You want to at least see the full pulse in the signal vs time graph.

yes, also do you know how to choose the focusing distance?

Hi @Mai,
I believe the focusing distance won’t matter a lot in your case. You can set it to Zero to make sure that any focusing in the simulation result is due to your periodic structure.

One more thing to add, try to increase the x-span of simulation setup and the source to about 1000 um since you are working on a long wavelength of 300 um.

Let me know how this works for you. :slight_smile: