Floating license model installation scenarios

Floating license installation scenarios.

Based on the License sharing illustrations found here:

For a larger multi-user, multi-product licenses scenarios with access to a cluster we have the following examples.
All of the scenarios below would require the assistance of your organization’s IT Department for proper network configuration.

Configuration #1 (Highly Recommended)

FlexNet license manager is installed and activated on a separate machine, which is only for the purpose of hosting and serving the license to all users.

Configuration #2

The License Manager is installed and activated on the Cluster. All the users or client machines will access the licenses from the Cluster.

Configuration #3

FlexNet license manager is installed and activated on a local Desktop computer and all other workstations including the Cluster will access the license from this Desktop computer.

Refer to our Knowledge Base for the communication ports used by our FlexNet license manager. https://kb.lumerical.com/installation_and_setup_flexnet-configuration.html#server

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