Floating Error: -83

Floating error: -83 Version of vendor daemon is too old.

When using the product version 2017a and higher, you might encounter this error:

The error indicates that the ‘Version of vendor daemon is too old.’

To resolve this:

  • Update the FlexNet license manager to version 1.7 or higher available from the Downloads Page on our website.
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I am using the newest versions of FlexNet, Mode and FDTD. And I am still getting the same errors (-5, -83). Previously I was using demo version of FDTD without any problem. Any suggestions?

If you are accessing the license from another computer, please make sure the latest version of License manager has been installed on the same computer where the license has activated

After upgrading the license software by my network administrators,
everything now is working fine.

We are happy to hear that the issue has been resolved.