Floating error: -4



Floating error: -4 License number of users already reached, occurs when you run out of licenses.

This error applies to all Floating license models and occurs when there are more license request that are licenses.

For example, if you have 1 FDTD Solutions license, only 1 user or client computer can use FDTD Solutions at a time. A 2nd user or client computer will not be able to open and launch FDTD Solutions until the 1st user/computer closes FDTD and release the license. Until then, the other users/computers will receive this error.

To resolve this:

  • Check the license status using the FlexNet LM web interface dashboard and find out who are using the license and possible coordinate with them to close the software and release the license.

  • Linus and MacOS users:
    If you are the only one using the license you might be trying to open multiple instances of the software from different Terminal windows. Try using only 1 Terminal window and run the command with the ‘&’ at the end;

    $ /opt/lumerical/fdtd/bin/fdtd-solutions &

Launch multiple instances of the software