Floating error: -4



Floating error: -4 License number of users already reached.

This error tells us that you are trying to obtain or checkout a license which is currently used by other users. Indicating that there are no more license left for you to ‘checkout’ / use.

This error applies to all Floating license models and occurs when there are more license request that are available licenses.

For example:

If you have 1 FDTD Solutions design (CAD/GUI) license, only 1 user or client computer can use FDTD Solutions design (CAD/GUI) at a time. A 2nd user or client computer will not be able to open and launch FDTD Solutions design (CAD/GUI) until the 1st user/computer closes the CAD/GUI and releases the license. Until then, the other users/computers trying to obtain an FDTD CAD/GUI will receive this error.

To resolve:

1. Ask other users to release / check-in the license.
Check the license status using the {FlexNet Publisher Dashboard} and find out who are using the license and possibly coordinate with them when you will be able to use the license.

2. Linux and MacOS users:
If you are the only one using the license you might be trying to open multiple instances of the software from different Terminal windows. Use only 1 Terminal window and run the command with the ‘&’ at the end.

3. Stuck license in checkout state:
If there is only one user and the license is ‘Stuck’ as being used even though it isn’t, simply restart the FlexNet license manager as shown from our KB:

Launch multiple instances of the software