Floating error: -15

Floating error: -15 Cannot connect to license server system.

This licensing error occurs when the design software cannot establish a connection to the FlexNet license manager.

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Possible problems include:

  • If your are accessing from a different computer, check that the client machine has access to the license server. Verify that the firewall ports used by FlexLM are open between these computers.
    See this page: Ports used by FlexLM

  • Make sure The license manage port number is set to the correct port, by opening a browser where the FlexNet license manager is hosted and go to the Server Configuration Tab:
    http://localhost:8095 > Administration > Server configuration > License server configuration

  • Configure your product license utility using the correct port no.
    Refer to Product license configuration for more details.

  • Check that your firewall is configured to allow the software to connect to the license manager.

  • Or disable firewall on your machines.
    See also:
    Disable firewall on CentOS 7 (RHEL 7)

For Linux and MacOS

  • Check that the host file is appended as:

    $ sudo vi /etc/hosts localhost localhost.localdomain <your_computer_name>
    <your_machines_IP> <your_computer_name>

    • for example: computer name is linx_server and IP address is, your /etc/hosts would look like: localhost localhost.localdomain linx_server linx_server

    • Restart FlexNet license manager

    The /etc/hosts file should also be updated whenever the HostName or IP address of the license server machine changes.