Floating error: -15 and dashboard not accessible


I installed the lumerical FDTD and license manager in Linux server through the VNC viewer, and activated my license.
But I received this error massage.
To solve the problem, I saw the ‘troubleshooting guide’.

This error occurs when Lumerical’s software is unable to connect to the license manager. Possible problems include:

  • License manager not running. See the standard installation instructions. Check the license manager Dashboard. Try to restart the license manager.

  • Make sure The license manage port no. is set to 27011. by going to IP address/Host ID:8095> Administration> Server configuration> License server configuration

  • Configure your product license utility using the correct port no. Refer to Product license configuration for more details

  • Ensure that the Sleep and Hibernate modes are disabled on the computer running the license manager.

  • Check that your firewall is configured to allow the software to connect to the license manager.

  • If the license manager is running on a Linux or Mac computer, check that the hosts file.

In this process, I known that I couldn’t go to the ‘Flexnet Publisher dashboard’.
When I attempted to go there, Firefox say ‘Unable to connect’.
I don’t understand what is wrong.
Could you help me solve it?

Please try and edit the /etc/hosts file to include your machine’s hostname as discussed from this article in our KB: https://kb.lumerical.com/en/index.html?install_flexnet_tbs_etc_hosts_networking_file.html
Then restart the license manager after the edit.

Let me know how this pans out.


There was no problem in my host file.

Anyway, in order to re-execute my license, I have diactivate the activated license but it is stopping because of this error.
Please help me.

Why did you “deactivate” the license are you trying to move the license to a different machine?
If you are not moving the license to a different computer, please try and ‘deactivate’ your license again to enable or change the status back to ‘activated’

Once the license is set back to activated, we can now proceed with further troubleshooting why the license manager is not starting. You mentioned that you are not able to access the dashboard. <hostname> localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4
::1 localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6

Looking forward to your reply once you get the chance.

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