FlexNet Publisher dashboard



For floating licenses, we can check to see if the license manager is up and running and view the available licenses using the FlexNet license manager dashboard web interface (FlexNet Publisher).

Accessing the dashboard from an Internet browser

  • On the machine where FlexNet license manager is installed & activated, Open an internet browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome) ang go to the link: http://localhost:8095 or

  • if you are on a different computer, replace localhost with the ComputerName or IP Address of the machine where the license manager is installed and activated.

Accessing the Dashboard using the Product’s About page.

  • For example; with FDTD Solutions,

  • Open FDTD Solutions

  • Goto Help

  • Click About FDTD Solutions

  • On the About window, click on the link for the License Source.

  • This should open a browser showing the FlexNet license manager dashboard.

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