FlexLM on OSX Sierra 10.12.1 (16B2657) Crashing

I have been using the 2016b releases on a floating license server with no issue and decided to update to the 2017a releases. I did not need FlexLM to run the programs before and upon upgrading FDTD to 2017a, the program is giving the same error as Floating Error: -140

The solution there is that the license manager is supposed to be updated to version 1.7 or higher so I installed the license manager version 1.7.1050 for OSX. Upon running the program, it goes to a crash screen:

The “previous release” option in the download menu gives the same file version as the “current release” - both of which are dated yesterday (Nov. 21).

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @cct4682
You said that you decided to update to the 2017a releases. If i was in your situation, i would had completely uninstalled the previous version. And then i would install the newest 2017a version. I think that with this way, the latest license manager will be installed in my computer.

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Thanks for your response. It turns out that the license server as I know it is “FlexNet Publisher” which caused a good deal of confusion as this is managed by my school. This explains why I have not needed FlexLM before - it was provided for me externally.

Long story short, I got them to update their version of “FlexNet Publisher” (I can not stress enough how misleading that is) and the 2017a installs are happy.

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Hi cct4682,

Unfortunately, the new 2017 versions require the new version of the FlexNet license manager.

Just to clarify, FlexNet Publisher is part of FlexNet license manager. The publisher is the dashboard or the browser interface of the FlexNet license manager. Using the publisher or dashboard interface, you can configure the license manager via this browser graphical interface.