Field Enhancement inside gold nanoshell



Dear all experts
I want to simulate the enhancement field a water/gold/BSA core/shell/shell structure presented in the attached paper (Figure 3). However, my simulation bears no resemblance.
water: n=1.33, radious=70 nm
Gold: Jounson, thickness =20 nm
BSA, n=1.45, thickness=2 nm

I was wondering if someone help me.
I also have attached my lumerical file.
Transparent Plasmonic Nanocontainers Protect Organic.pdf (2.6 MB)
Water core-Gold Shell.fsp (288.7 KB)

My results:

Paper results:

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Dear @stu-tavakkoli

I just had a quick look at your simulation file and the paper. First, your source injects light at 385nm and you are not using any nonlinear material. I am confused why you expect to see modes at 400 and 540nm?

Second, I see you are using plane wave with PML BC. This will cause edge effects and I recommend you using TFSF.