Feature request: sounds

From my experience simulations sometimes may take a lot of time and usually I ran them in background or on another computer via remote desktop. This is why I have to check once in a while if the calculations or simulations are done.
I think that a nice feature would be to add possibility of sound effects e.g. at the end of simulations, calculations or running a script - just to know exactly when the job is finished.

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Thank you for the feedback. I have created a feature request and have forwarded it to our developers.

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On OSX, there is a built-in system command that can accessed in the Terminal, or directly in a script:

 system('say done');

The computer will say the word “done”.

Perhaps you may be interested in the Polish version?

system('say -v Zosia "cześć"');


system('say -v Ewa "cześć"');

And for others, you can choose your language.

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I have found that on Windows there is also possibility to play sounds with system command line: example 1, example 2.
Although when I tried it in FDTD Solutions script prompt as:

system(“powershell -c echo `a”);


system(“powershell -c [System.Media.SystemSounds]::Hand.Play();”);

it did not produce any sound.

How’s the update for this feature?

Hi @Azure. Unfortunately there has been no development on this particular feature request so far. If this feature gets added then I will update in this post.

That would be very helpful if this can be implemented. Thanks.