FDTD Solutions: non-graphic mode.

How do I have to run this command “/opt/lumerical/fdtd/bin/fdtd-solutions myFile.fsp -nw -run myScript.lsf” in parallel?

With the following settings:

268 nodes Thin (6432 CPU´s, I can use only 240 CPU’s)

2 Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3 (twelve core) of 2.5 GHz
128 GB RAM DDR4 to 2133 MHz
Interconection InfiniBand Mellanox FDR 56 Gbps

And workload manager SLURM.

Thanks for your answers and time.

Since you are running a script file, the analysis is done using the CAD part of the software and not the FDTD engine. The FDTD engine can run jobs in parallel, but we cannot specify parallel analysis of a single script file. Multithreading is built-in for some script commands, and in that case the multi-threading is done automatically for those script commands.

If you mean that you would like to run multiple script files simultaneously, this should be automatic since it shouldn’t require the script file to finish running before the next command is processesed in the terminal. However, I’m not familiar with the SLURM workload manager, so if you are running the command through SLURM instead of directly in the terminal there may be some other settings specific to the SLURM workload manager that you need to use.

Hopefully this helps!

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