FDE: Importing your own field profile to the deck (d-card)

One way to import your own field profile to the deck is to make use of a fld file. For example, you can create your own field profile using the follow script files. (you can also import your own profile from some other means but the data should be packaged in a way similar to how the profile is created in usr_custom_source.lsf)

Keep these two files in the same directory and run the use_custom_source.lsf.
usr_custom_source.lsf (2.3 KB)
usr_create_fld.lsf (3.6 KB)

Once the fld file is created, we can then import it to the deck:

Once the profile is successfully loaded to the deck, you should now be good to run the overlap analysis

Once the profile is the deck, some commands such as overlap, propagate can be used.