farfield3d using partial spectral averaged data

Dear all,

I’d like to calculate farfield |E|^2 in direction cosine units using partial spectral averaged data. However it seems that built-in farfield3d function can only handle standard single frequency data obtained by DFT Monitor.
Do I need to manually calculate it from the averaged data of DFT Monitor?
Or do I have any simple way to get it?

I would appreciate your kindly advice. Thank you.

Since the farfield3d script function currently only calculates the result for one frequency point at a time, you would need to first use a scripted for loop to calculate the far field profile over all frequency points.

You can then manually calculate the partial spectral average given the desired emission spectrum (the spectrum used by the monitor for the built-in partial spectral average results is a Lorentzian) by using another loop to loop over each frequency point and sum the far field profile multiplied by the amplitude of the emission spectrum at each frequency point to get a weighted average.

This is the method used to calculate the far field profile results for OLEDs, and the procedure is described on the following page under the “including the emission spectra” section:

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Thank you very much for the prompt and detailed explanation.
I’ll try to calculate manually in the way you showed.