Farfield Angular Projection [FDE]

Dear Community,

I have a question regarding farfield angular projection in MODE Solutions.

I’m simulation a simple waveguide (SiN 1um x 1um, buried in SiO2), and would like to extract the angular projection from it to air. I use FDE solver, chose the mode of interest (fundamental TE) and plot the farfield. It looks good in the plot, but when I try to export the data in .mat format, I cannot reproduce it afterwards: even when I just plot farfield1_angular_E2, there are two peaks instead of one.

My general goal is to extract the projection to define angles for 1/e^2 power or at FWHM.

Could you please suggest on how to do it properly?

Kind regards

Hello @jab
I have the same question. Did you figure out how to do it?