Failure of getting data out



I use Lumerical FDTD to simulate the reflectance of multiple layers. However, after each run, I visualised the data then tried to export data in txt from the visualiser but always failed. It is very unusual since I sent the fsp file, which is identical to the one I used for my laptop, to my colleague’s laptop and then everything was fine(the data can be saved very well). Please help me with this problem. Thank you in advance.


Dear @llin

Sorry for any inconvenience. I am guessing that this is a problem with the latest release of the software (2017a). Can you please check with your colleagues and let me know if you are using different versions?

In the meanwhile that we are working on the problem, you can use this direct on how to export your data. After you send the data of interest from Result View to Script Workspace (simply right click and on the data and choose Send to script), use write command.


Dear bkhanaliloo.
We have the same problem as llin since we are using the latest release 2017a. In the visualizer window it is possible to export to jpg but not to txt. The error message is “there is an error with the date !”.
Can you please help us to solve this problem ?


Hi @quelin

Sorry for any inconvenience.
This problem is resolved in the latest version (8.17.1057). You can download the latest version of the software from here. Please install it and let me know if you had any further problems.