Extracting raw data from an analysis group


I have an analysis group named “field” that gives as an output x, Ex, Ey, Ez, E2.
I can easily extract these parameters in a script using, for example,


However, I neglected to include the magnetic field in the output of the analysis. The magnetic field is stored as rawdata within the DFTMonitor (also called “field”) inside the analysis group, but not given as an output of the analysis group. How can I extract the magnetic field (if at all)? I expect that it will be something like


but I could not find the correct combination.

(I know that it is a simple matter to edit the analysis group and run the simulation again, but, I would rather not do this as it will take considerable time.)


You can try the command below:

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Thank you very much!
That is it.
I couldn’t remember the code structure, so thank you for reminding me.

You are welcome:)