Export Visualizer Data

I am trying to export the raw data from a 3D Charge simulation. From the visualizer, I plot the charge with attribute “n”. I then use the “Export to” and export to a text file. However, I do not understand the formatting of the data. The data are placed in rows with what looks like x-coordinate values, followed by y-coordinate values, followed by z-coordinate values, followed by the surface charge data (n), and lastly, followed by a 4-column data set which I believe are some kind of index values. I have uploaded a file below. My questions are:

  1. The coordinate data is out of order and there seems to be duplicates of the same values. What is the mapping for these data so I can get the correct charge value at the correct location?
  2. What do the 4-columns of data at the bottom represent?
  3. I sweep a parameter (voltage on an electrode) in the simulation. Does the mapping stay consistent between parametric runs?

charge_n_v_LiNbO3_on_Si_m10V…txt (98.1 KB)