Export 2D/3D electric fields data to Matlab for processing


Hi all,

I know this question may have been asked, but I still couldn’t get it working. Your help will be highly appreciated.

I would like to simulate a pn junction (mostly in 2D cross section), and then export the electric fields of the pn junction at different biases to Matlab for more processing. I set up a electric field monitor in the area of interest, and save it as a .mat file. I didn’t know how to reconstruct the electric field distribution in Matlab. Could you please provide me with a sample code with some explanations so that I can understand more?

I have attached the .mat file for your information.

E_field.mat (22.0 KB)



Hi @cmchang1,

As DEVICE is using a finite element mesh, to plot the results in MatLab you will have to first interpolate the results from the monitor onto a rectangular grid. Then you can save the interpolated data in a .mat file.

There is an example of this kind of interpolation in this post.

I hope this will help!