Excitation, fluorescent and absorption of dipole?

We want to simulate a situation where EM wave travels in a nanowire and excite some dipole emission along the way. Can this be achieved with Lumerical? Is FDTD alone sufficient for this application?
Also, is it possible simulate the light absorption of dipole in Lumerical? It seems to me that Lumerical treats dipole as a source only.

Hi, @u1077217 !

Lumerical allows simulating both field propagation and its interaction with quantum objects all within the FDTD package. In principle, a quantum dipole model can be simulated, for example, by four-level material model.
For details, I refer you to the quantum dot example that relevant for your problem:

Does it answer to your question ?

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Thanks! Didn’t notice this material before. I’ll look into it.

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