Example of PC-VCSEL simulation



Hi, I’m trying to simulate 3D VCSEL with PC or Grating structure. I searching for the example as the reference.
So, I found an article about 3D VCSEL simulation using FDTD Solutions in Lumerical website.
But, I can’t see any example file of this example.(I know there is 2D Simple case example)
Is there no example file or further explanation for VCSEL simulation??


Dear @skkang

In my best knowledge, I think there are two examples:

  1. https://kb.lumerical.com/en/index.html?gain_vcsel_with_linear_gain.html
  2. https://kb.lumerical.com/en/index.html?gain_cavity_with_the_linear_gain.html

If you are working on a new example, please let me know and I will be happy to be of a help.



Dear @skkang

I have prepared the simulation file for the PC VCSEL cavity example:

Please take a look at it and let me know if you had any further questions.