Error while loading the correct file for a custom compact model library element



I am having issue while trying to run a custom Parameterized Cell (PCell) CML element in interconnect, it shows an error while loading the correct s-parameter file for a custom PCell CML element from the lookup table.

  • ‘‘The number of ports required for the element is invalid’’,

I see the following errors in the script output.

Note: T_his issue arose after I updated my Interconnect software to version 6.5.1102, while in the previous version the same simulation was working fine._

If someone had faced such an issue and found a solution to it, please do share.


Hi @m.zakwan,

Thank you for this report. It is possible that there was a bug because I heard other people talked about it as well but it should has been fixed since I cannot reproduce it. There are two things we can do:

  1. Mark down the details of your IC version and send the information together with the simulation file to me, I will try to evaluate whether this bug has been fully fixed and is there any potential problems related to it.

  2. After step 1, you can try to upgrade the IC to the latest version to see whether the problem can be solved automatically. You can find the download information here.



Hi @gwang,

Thankyou for your response, I could not respond earlier.

I am using the latest version of IC

When I was using the previous version I did not come across this issue.

I am using the component named ebeam_dc_halfring_straight from the SiPEC library. You can download the library from here

It would be great if you can help in solving this issue.


Hi @m.zakwan,

Thank you for the information. I’ve marked down your software information and will investigate on this problem. Right now the latest version is v 6.5.1157, please upgrade to this version and let me know if you can still see the same problem.

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