Error using Lumerical FDTD NODE locked evaluation license

Hello, the Lumerical FDTD we have recently expired and we’re in the transition period of trying to get the license renewed. Therefore, I requested a NODE locked evaluation license from Lumerical so that I can keep using the software during the transition period. However, I am having a difficult time using the evaluation license. Here’s what I get:

I launched FDTD and see the following box:

Then I clicked ‘Yes’ and see the following box:

There’s no place for me to enter the evaluation code!!

I checked online:
and found the normal box showing up after I clicked ‘Yes’ should be as follows:

I’m quite confused and I wonder can anyone tell me the right way to use the evaluation code? Thanks a lot!

Can you please provide us below details

  1. Which Operating System you are trying to use?
  2. The version of Product you are using right now?

Sure! I’m using FDTD 8.11.422 on a Windows 8 PC.

The previous version of Product doesn’t have this feature. Please upgrade FDTD to latest version to 8.17.1102 from the lumerical website below
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