Error: "The requested monitor with the necessary data cannot be found"

I am trying to extract farfield data using the function “farfield3d”. I have an FDTD simulation region with multiple monitors inside – but when I try to use this with the particular monitor, I get

“Error: prompt line 1: in farfield3d, the requested monitor with the necessary data cannot be found.”

The monitor definitely has farfield data as I can visualize and export it, but for some reason can’t use this function to extract it.

Thanks in advance.

Dear @kli27

This might be because you are using a linear monitor. Note that farfield3d can be used only for 3D simulations and 2D monitors.

I am not quite sure what you are trying to simulate, but there a re a few more farfield commands that you can use based on your simulation and monitor types. You can find a complete list of near to farfield projection commands here.

I hope this answered your question.