Error obtaining the license for the 'Laser TW' element


I am trying to use the TWLM building block with an Interconnect trial license, but it shows the following error message:
Error obtaining the license for the ‘Laser TW’ element

For all other blocks such as MZM, waveguides, it seems that is working well.

What should I do?



Please download a trial license for from the Custom Packages section:

Also recommend to download a trial license for:

  • INTERCONNECT System Element library extensions

Please let us know if you still have issues after obtaining these licenses.

Thank’s for the reply.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi, Iyap. I also experienced this problem and activated the laser library and system library via the codes provided by Lumerical. Unfortunately, the element was still red in INTERCONNECT and the same error was shown. Is there something wrong with my license?


Welcome to Lumerical Knowledge Exchange.

These “optional license” will not show anything on the Launcher.

Please try to run some Application Examples that uses these components.