Error message: Non-finite result detected in update N


Please, I want to ask about an error was appearing in device. This error is " Non-finite result detected in update N ". How can i solve it ?



Hi Yara. The error message you are getting means that the CHARGE solver is diverging and the charge data (N) is becoming infinite. Unfortunately divergence can happen due to a lot of reasons ranging from problem in setting up the simulation to incorrect doping profiles to sharp changes arising from the operation of the device under test. A few steps that you can take for troubleshooting is discussed in this post: Overflow Error. Also make sure that the doping profile looks good and that the surfaces of the semiconductors (specially at the metal-semiconductor interfaces) are getting doped properly. You can check this by calculating the mesh first and inspecting it in the visualizer.

If you still have problem then please consider sharing the file with us and I will be happy to take a look.