Error message: Attempting to re-insert same face

Dear aalam,

I am getting the following error “Attempting to re-insert same face” when running my heat transfer model. Can you please elaborate on its meaning?


Hi @david.ovrutsky, the error here is definitely coming from the geometry building however I am not exactly sure what is causing the failure from the message. One thing that I would like to recommend right away is if you are using an older version of DEVICE (v.5.xx) then please upgrade to the latest version since there has been some significant improvement to the geometry builder in the recent version. If you are using the latest version then please feel free to share the file here and I will be happy to take a look.

Hi @aalam

Thanks a lot for your advice. After I installed the newest version of Device HEAT the problem’s gone. However, I am having another challenge. The solving is working fine until it reaches the “tessellating” meshing step and then starts quickly consuming physical memory. Once it has eaten what’s available (60 GB), the computer is obviously running out of memory. Unfortunately I will not be able to share my microbolometer structure due to ITAR and other IP restrictions. But, I would appreciate your guidance on what I should look for in my geometry in order to troubleshoot this problem.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @david.ovrutsky, there are a couple of things you can try to get the geometry builder to work. There are a couple of advanced settings under the “Mesh” tab in the properties of the HEAT solver (deflection tolerance and max plc edge length).

max plc edge length: Sometimes when you have long and narrow structures in your design (such as waveguides or the long legs of a microbolometer), the geometry builder may have trouble breaking it down into smaller segments. You can choose to restrict the allowed length to a maximum value. Enable the “split plc edges” option, start with the default “1” um value, and then reduce it slowly to see if it helps.

deflection tolerance: Controls how curved surfaces are broken up into multiple linear segments. A smaller deflection tolerance will force the geometry builder to break up a curved surface into smaller segments. Depending on the geometry sometimes making this value slightly larger or smaller than the default 0.001 um helps. However this also will be a trial and error approach.

I hope one of these options will help you with the error. If you still cannot solve the problem then please let me know.