ERROR Lumerical deletes elements after running a simulation

Dear all,
I have run into a strange problem happening with all my models which were previously working.

After running a FDTD simulation, some random elements of the model such as monitors or sources (but never the structure) got deleted, and those who arent show no result.

Did anyone elese run into such a problem before?

Hi @cegielski

This is strange and I am sorry to hear that. Can you please upload one of the .fsp files that causes the problem so that I can run on my desktop?


Hi, thanks foryour reply.
Actually I have found the solution. The virtual machine on which I was running Lumerical run out of disc space, which resulted in deleting of random components. Unfortunately there was no error message so I have noticed it only by a chance.

Hi @cegielski

I am glad that you could find the problem. Generally it is a good idea to check your memory requirement before running large simulations. Also, you can find a few tips here how to optimise the simulations to be faster.

Good luck