Error: Invalid response from license server

I’m trying to evaluate the trail version of Lumerical FDTD. I installed the software and activated the license. When I try to open the FDTD application, I just get an error message: 'Error: Invalid response from license server. This may be due to proxy server or firewall setting specific to your computer or network." How do I fix this issue?
We have a proxy server for our network. How do I add the correct proxy settings to the license validator.


Trial licenses always require an active internet connection to be able to open and launch the application as discussed here:

We can try and change the proxy settings of your computer as outlined here:

You might need the help of your IT / network administrator to open or allow access to specific ports used by the license manager as outlined here:

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Thanks for your response. I tried your suggestions # 1 and #3. This does not help in fixing the problem.
I could not check #2, the reason being I don’t get the window as described in the screenshot in that article. The proxy settings are correct in the Internet options so this should in principle reflect into Lumerical as well.
I checked the firewall settings on my computer and this is ok as well. Turning off the firewall does not open the Lumerical application. Here is a screen shot of the error I get when I try to open the Lumerical application. Do you have any other suggestions for me to try?