Error in running solar cell FOM script

Please, I want to ask about another thing.
Other file in device, after running it and run the script, this error appears.
What is the problem in it?


Hi. The error message mentions that it failed to find the “base” result in the CHARGE solver region. The “base” result corresponds to the result from the “base” electrical contact (boundary condition). The script assumes that you have an electrical contact named base in your setup. If you have used some other name for your contact then the script will produce an error. It this is the case then simply edit the script as follows so that it tries to read the right result,

base = getresult("CHARGE","your_contact_name");

Thanks for your reply.

The name of electric contact is the same as the name in the script and the problem appears.
I want to tell you about some thing, when the file is running, the number of steps is 1/1 (note that, I make the number of steps be 23).

I believe this answers the question why the script cannot find the result at “base”. One possibility is that somehow the metal contact you are using as base is not getting included in the simulation region. May be it is getting overwritten by some other object or may be it fell outside the simulation region. Or a second possibility is that even though you have the “base” electrical contact defined, it is not getting assigned to the right geometry. The fact that you see bias sweep at 1/1 and do not see 1/23 tells us that the “base” boundary condition is not getting applied.