Error in group analysis - no data in monitor

I want to calculate Pabs, Pabs_total, Jsc, G and G_export, when i run the analysis i don’t know why? i need your guidance that’s what’s the error in my simulation. i have also attached my simulation, kindly have a look and response me it will be your kind actness with me. my email is, i am waiting to hear from you people

start running analysis script of ::model::solar_generation … …

Error: prompt line 50: in getdata, the d-card named field did not contain the data f
Try the command ‘?getdata(“field”);’ to see the data contained in field.
Error: Result Pabs: variable not found.
Error: Result Pabs_total: variable not found.
Error: Result Jsc: variable not found.
Error: Result G: variable not found.
Error: Result G_export: variable not found.

Hi @salmaanullah,

You get this error message as the “solar_analysis” group is out of the simulation region (symbolized by the orange box). Every thing that is out of the FDTD region simply doesn’t “exist” for the simulation, so there is no data in the monitors.

To get it work, you need to move is (and eventually resize it) so it covers the region you want to calculate the power absorbed and the generation rate. You can have a look at our solar cell examples ( to see how you can set up your simulation.

I hope this helps!

Hi i am very new user to the Simulation environment, can you provide me some specific example according to my question i ask before?

Since you are a new user, I would recommend that you start with our “Getting started” examples", they will help you in learning how to use FDTD Solutions.

Then, when you are more familiar with the tool, you can look at the Solar Cell getting started examples to learn about the methodology. In each examples, you have access to the simulation files so you can see how the simulation is set and build your own simulation from these examples.

Finally, there’s also a few videos you can watch, at More specifically on solar cell applications: