Error : For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure


I have a problem in Device and i want to ask about it.
when the device is running, this massage appears
How can i solve this problem, please.


Hi Yara,

This message is usually generated when the DEVICE solver faces an unexpected error. The problem could be due to an issue in the geometry building or it could be due to a divergence in the result, or it could be due to an incompatible material model (if you have created a new material from scratch). You will be able to tell which one it is by watching the job manager and checking for when this error pops up. For the first case the message will appear while the job manager says that it is building the geometry. For the second and third case it will be in the initialization part (or at a certain bias point). Let me know if you need more help to solve this issue.



Thank you for your reply,
This error appeared from job manager



There is no problem in the geometry building or an incompatible material model.
but this error is still appearing. can you help me, please.


From the error message it looks like that the mesh is not being properly refined. This can sometimes lead to divergence in the solver but I would not expect the error you are getting due to this. Still you may try to resolve this issue by following the instructions on this post: How to resolve error message: “The mesh is valid but may not be adequately refined. If you continue to have this problem then I would be happy to take a look at the file if you can share it.


The problem is not solved. This error appears.
This is the file (attached file).


Thanks for the file. I noticed that there is a slab of oxide in the middle of your semiconductor region. This oxide layer will prevent any current flow in the device. Is the presence of this oxide layer intentional?

yes, there is a layer of oxide.

Hi Yara, my apologies for the late reply. I believe the issue in your file is coming from the fact that the simulation region ends right at the interface between the semiconductor and the metal contacts. The metallic contacts (specially the bottom one) are not getting included in the simulation. You will need to extend the solver region in the Z-direction to include the metal contacts into the simulation volume. If you do this, the assertion failure should go away. However, the oxide layer between your semiconductor layers will still create a convergence problem. Since DEVICE cannot simulate quantum mechanical tunneling through insulator layers, the current in the system will be zero and this will create a convergence issue. If you remove the oxide layer as well then the simulation should run fine.

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