Error for importing STL file format

Hello dear all.
After importing STL file format to the FDTD, there is an error, could u please guide me?
Best Regard


Have you tried with any other STL file or is this specific to this file?




I have written a post with some tips for generating STL files here:

An additional tip is that if your STL file should be valid (it contains a single solid object with no shared edges), then you may try using the “debug flag” option with the “stlimport” script command to try to import the file:

If the stlimport command returns any invalid triangles, then you may need to increase or decrease the vertex radius used for importing (which is another paramter of the stlimport script command) and try importing again. The vertex radius is the minimum distance that two vertices in the STL file can be different by in order to be considered to be two different points. If vertices are within the distance they will be merged, and that behaviour could lead to an invalid file. The opposite could also be true when one vertex which is shared by multiple triangles has slightly different positions due to numerical error, the positions may not be merged when they should be if the vertex radius is set too small.