Error code 2738



I am trying to install by running LFS_data.msi file and during installation I got this error.
If I run FDTD_Solutions_Installer.exe I got the error at the beginning.
I have Windows 7 professional x64!




The installation file, FDTD_Solutions_Installer.exe will check and install the required components (Microsoft .Net Feature 3.5, Microsoft MPI, MPICH2 and Intel MPI) on your Windows machine. The installation script has encountered an error during the process of installing MPICH2. This might be a VBSript access/registry error in your system.

Using the LFS_data.msi installer will not check for these required components and will only install FDTD Solutions.

Please try to install each component and the software individually as described here:

Hope this helps.

Please mark this as resolved if the issue has been fixed. Thank you