Error Assistance: Size mismatch between parameter and vertex count


Hi I’m attempting to do simulations of a device structure from the literature to learn the basics of DEVICE. Now that I’ve moved onto the transient simulation, I’ve run into the error listed in the subject line. I was able to get around this once by playing with some iteration/convergence settings but since I’m not completely sure what the error means so I’m not sure what I changed that fixed the problem. I am assuming its either a monitor or generation object that does not match the mesh but thats just my guess. Lately its popped up again and the simulation takes too long for me to go through another guess and check procedure. The error does not always happen at the same time either. For instance I can right click and restart the simulation and it will happen at a different time.

A quick summary of my simulation is that I am pulsing on a generation profile and getting the current vs time response with a fixed reverse bias for a UTC PD.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi. Thanks for the detailed question. Please contact us at with your project file so that we can help you solve this issue.