Equi-frequency contour (Isofrequency contour)



I have a question about plotting an equi-frequency contour.

In tutorial https://kb.lumerical.com/en/diffractive_optics_pc_equifrequency_contour.html, only z component of the electric field is exist. So, only Ez is considered.

In my calculation, the x and y component of electric field are exist. How can I consider both of them?

Should I add the x and y component of the fourier-transformed electric field after taking absolute and square of these values ?

Thank you


Dear @kimmh1028

I discussed this case with @gsun, and he confirmed that your proposed approach of adding x and y component of fourier-transformed electric fields is a right approach although he has not tried it himself before.

Another approach is to use H-field if it has only z-component (since E is in the xy plane). This will be a similar approach as we did for the Ez field in the KB application example.

Please keep us updated with your results and we will be glad to be of a help.