Engine error when meshing structure with multiple ohmic heaters

I was playing around with structures that include multiple ohmic heaters. The heaters are thin (2 micron) strips of a metal, placed on top of a SiO2 plate. There are two characteristic types of structures: 1) solitary heaters, which are quite far away from the other ones, and 2) pairs of heaters, that are close to each other.

Calculating heat distribution for singles and doubles does not yield any problem.
However, when I came to 12 heaters the engine produced error:

job aborted:
[ranks] message
[0] process exited without calling finalize
---- error analysis -----
[0] on LAPTOP-*
C:\Program Files\Lumerical\DEVICE\bin\thermal-engine-msmpi.exe ended prematurely and may have crashed. exit code 0xc0000005
---- error analysis -----

Could someone help me with this problem?

The simulation file is here: Chip.ldev (6.9 MB)

Hi @msaygin, I noticed you have an offset between the contacts and the heaters in your setup:

This I believe is the reason you are getting errors. When I remove these offsets (i.e. align the contacts and the heaters) then the simulation ran without any problem. Although in order to keep the memory requirement small I simulated one third of the device (4 heaters). You can see that for solitary heaters the temperature is low and for pairs of heater the temperature is higher.

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Thank you, @aalam