engine error on DEVICE

when i ran a case about solar cell, , as shown in pic below, there was an error.

Are you using any material in your simulation that you have defined yourself or have modified from the default material database? The initial messages in your job manager are just warnings telling you that the mesh is not fine enough. However, the main error is the last line where is says “bad reference material”. That tells me that this problem might be coming from one of the materials in your simulation.

i had solver the problem about bad reference material.
do you have any ways to deal with “The mesh is valid but may not be adequately refined”?

please help me to analyze this error message

Hi. This is a very general error message and unfortunately does not provide much information about the failure other than the fact that the solver failed during the initialization process. If you can share the project file with me then I will be happy to take a look.