Engine error - license not configured



If you are getting the error;

Failed to start the test, Possible causes: license not configured

when “Run Tests” is done at the resource configuration utility of the product application.

Please check the following:

  • Microsoft MPI is installed - Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features
  • If Microsoft MPI is not installed please install as outlined here:
    Install .Net 3.5 feature and MPI

  • If error occurs when installing Microsoft MPI do the next steps.

  • If a third party or additional Anti-Virus or Network Security Software is installed, please disable them or temporarily remove / uninstall them and restart your computer.

  • Make sure Windows Firewall is enabled - Control Panel > System & Security > Windows Firewall

  • Re-install Microsoft MPI again, using the link:
    Install .Net 3.5 feature and MPI

reinstalling lumerical/OS