Engine error: license not configured

Engine error. Possible causes: license not configured

The above error occurs during the Run Tests feature or when trying to run a simulation.

To resolve, try the following:

1.) ‘Configure Product License’ utility

  1. Login to the ‘Host’ machine that is generating the error.

  2. Configure the license for the Product for “your user account” and for “system defaults
    You will have to open and set the ‘Product Configure License’ utility 2x times.
    Setting for system defaults will require Administrator privileges

2.) Preference file

  1. Login to the ‘Host’ machine that is generating the error.

  2. Open and change the preference.ini file for the design software on both the user and system wide preference.ini files to contain the same license server information.

    Example: Windows, FDTD Solutions using port 27011 and FlexLM on Host: lumlicense:

  • System Wide settings:
    Open or create:
    C:\Program Files\Lumerical\{version}\Lumerical\License.ini
    add the lines:
  • User settings:
    Open and edit:
    add or edit with the same license information from system wide settings: