"Engine error" in simulation with custom semiconductor material



The problem here is that when I start simulating, when all step finished, program terminated by a error called “engine error”. I am now in the 30 days free trail, is this the reason that I cant simulate?
here is the pic


Hi. The error message you are getting is unfortunately a very general one and it is not possible to tell what the reason behind the error is. If you can upload the file to the forum then I’ll be happy to take a look at it to figure out what’s creating the error.


Thank you for sharing the file. The errors you are getting is due to the silicon model not being defined properly. Whenever you are creating a new semiconductor model, there are a few things you need to be careful about. Here are the properties that needs fixing in your model,

i) You need to select and enable a conduction valley.

ii) You need a non-zero mobility.

iii) In your model, you have enabled the correction of carrier lifetime according to dopants but the model parameters are all empty. You need to either define the parameter values or disable the model.

Once you fix these issues, the simulation should run fine. As a quick check, you can just use the default silicon model instead of your custom “thin-film-silicon” model to run the simulation.

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Great advise!!! thank you very much! let me try to correct them!


Oops, there comes up a another error which is called “A conductor was found with no specified contact properties”. what I did are enabled the Ec valley, set the effective mass for both and also the Eg. and reset the mobility for both and disable the Trap-Assisted model. I just sent my revised file to the email that you given me. Please take a look on that just one more time.
Thank you very much


Hi. this particular error happens when your metal regions do not have any boundary conditions defined. There is an existing post about it. How to resolve error: “A conductor was found with no specified contact properties”. Please take a look.

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