EME user select modes via script


In Lumerical MODE EME, we can simulate the behaviour of devices with multi-mode ports, e.g., injecting both fundamental TE and fundamental TM (e.g., polarization splitter rotator), by choosing user select modes, then shift-selecting multiple modes.

We are wondering how one can achieve this in a script? Presently, we have a complete simulation that is scripted, except for the mode selection has to be done by hand for all the ports.

Same question for FDTD Ports.

Thank you

Internal S matrix from mode sweep

Hi Professor Chrostowski @lukasc
I think that the frequency sweep in MODE Solutions works properly for one selected mode.It’s currently not possible to select multiple modes from the script. But, as @nlui has already said it is possible in the GUI to multi-select modes from the mode list and track them all in a single frequency sweep in the FDE solver.
However, if you want to do a sweep for multiple modes then you can use a “for” loop in your script to select different modes.

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Hi Konstantinos,

Thanks for your comments. This question is not concerning the FDE solver, but the question/problem is the same. I know that for loops are a solution, but they don’t let you take advantage of the built-in S-Parameter extraction capabilities implemented in FDTD.

It would be a lot easier to select multiple modes, e.g., if X was a vector in:




It is possible to use the updateportmodes script command to select multiple modes from the script for both the EME ports and FDTD ports:

Internal S matrix from mode sweep