EME port的port方向能否设置为一定的倾角

问题:在使用EME solver进行计算的时候,EME port的port方向能否设置为一定的倾角。现在的port端口的方向默认只能是与轴的方向垂直。

THETA: The angle of propagation, measured in degrees, with respect to the normal axis.
PHI: The angle of propagation, in degrees, rotated about the normal axis in a right-hand context.
OFFSET: Allows users to set an offset to the plane where the modes are calculated. This is useful for ensuring that monitors at an angle do not intersect with unwanted structures.实际上是指旋转的中心。

参见 https://kb.lumerical.com/en/index.html?ref_sim_obj_eme_ports.html
光源和远场变换的角度Theta, phi及其倾斜的坐标面